Enclosed Lifeboat

Enclosed Lifeboat
Enclosed Lifeboat

Our regular collected enclosed lifeboats are 5.40 meter to 7.50 meter long and some big sizes also. 

Most of time we cut roof make & them open lifeboat as buyer demand but we export complete enclosed lifeboats also

Complete enclosed lifeboat not load in 40 feet normal container, its need open top container and most of time flat rack container 40 feet container and they need open to or flat rack container. So we need to discuss with buyer about all condition before make deal with complete enclosed lifeboat. 

Length: 5.40 Meter - 7.50 Meter + 
Material: Fiberglass 
Keel: Yes 
Rudder: Yes
Engine: Yes
Steering: Yes
Gear remote: yes
Lights: Yes
Boxes: Yes as original
Equipment: Wooden row, Food box, Wooden hook & others as we collect with boat. 
Color: Mostly orange

Please contact with us for current price & more details.

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