Sabb Diesel Engine

Sabb Diesel Engine
Sabb Diesel Engine

Sabb Diesel 2JHR Made in Norway inboard diesel engine for boat. 
We have 130 + unit of Sabb Diesel available, all are collect from ship lifeboats. They are in very well running condition with very low hours. Most of below 250 hours run from starting life. Please see engine details at below:

Brand: Sabb Diesel
Cylinders: 2
HP: 30
RPM: 1900
Cooling: Keel/Skin Tank Cooled
Starting: Electric and Manual
Engine condition: Very good, 100 - 250 hours run mostly
Gearbox: Original fitted 
Shaft: Including
Propeller: Including
Coupling: Including
Switchboard: Including
Harness cable: Including

Delivery lead time: 1-10 unit within 3-5 days after order confirmation. 

Please contact with us for current price. 

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